Unlocking Greener Skies: GANS’ Enhanced Flight Profiles Redefining Sustainable Aviation

Abdulla Al Baloushi

Unlocking Greener Skies: GANS’ Enhanced Flight Profiles Redefining Sustainable Aviation (byAbdulla Al Baloushi, Manager ATS (Approach), ADIA)

Welcome aboard as we transition into the future of sustainable aviation with Global Air Navigation Services (GANS). Today, we unveil how GANS collaborates with airlines and other airspace users to transform flight profiles, propelling us closer to greener and more environmentally friendly skies:

**Performance-Based Navigation (PBN): Redefining the Flight Experience**

At GANS, we believe in the power of innovation to drive positive change in the aviation industry. By introducing improved flight profiles through Performance-Based Navigation (PBN), we enable aircraft to navigate directly from point to point, eliminating the reliance on traditional land-based navigation aids. The result? Shorter distances flown, less fuel burned, and a substantial reduction in emissions.

**Continuous Descent Operations (CDOs) and Continuous Climb Departures (CCDs): Pioneering Efficiency**

Embracing the PBN concept, GANS has implemented cutting-edge arrival and departure procedures that optimize flight efficiency. Continuous Descent Operations (CDOs) revolutionize the landing approach, maintaining aircraft at near idle throttle settings, significantly reducing fuel consumption and associated emissions. On the other hand, Continuous Climb Departures (CCDs) enable aircraft to maintain a constant throttle setting during ascent, eliminating the need to level off, leading to greater fuel efficiency and minimizing emissions.

**Environmental Impact: Savings That Matter**

Every step towards sustainability matters and GANS’ enhanced flight profiles deliver tangible results. By implementing Continuous Descent Approaches using optimal top-of descent points, we have typically saved around 200kg of fuel per approach, equivalent to a substantial reduction of 620kg of CO2 emissions per approach. Imagine the collective positive impact on the environment as more flights adopt these efficient procedures!

**A Step Towards a Greener Tomorrow**

Vertical profiles that offer continuous climb or descent present a clear path to a greener future. By embracing these innovative flight profiles, airlines can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable aviation ecosystem. With GANS as the pioneer in this journey, the skies are becoming cleaner, quieter, and more eco-friendly.

**Partnering for a Sustainable Future**

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Abdulla Al Baloushi