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GANS provides Air Navigation Services to private and government customers which include Air Traffic Services, Air Traffic Management (ATM) Training Services, Meteorological Services, Aeronautical Information Management Services, ATM Systems & Operations Engineering and Air Traffic Management Consultancy Services.

ATM Systems &
Operations Engineering
Air Traffic
Air Traffic
Management Consultancy
Aeronautical Information
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Airspace and Flight
Procedure Design
Aerodrome and
Navaid Safeguarding
ATM Training
ATM Systems & Operations Engineering

ATM Systems & Operations Engineering

We provide a complete ATM Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance Engineering solution to support ATC operations. Our Engineering and Airfield Operations are responsible for the full Asset Management of Communications, Navigation, Surveillance, Airfield Ground Lighting, and Aircraft Arresting Barrier Systems at a large number of airfields.

We have full capabilities to provide the complete system life-cycle support from requirements specifications to procurement, project management, installation, testing, commissioning, acceptance, flight trials, preventive, and corrective maintenance to decommissioning.

Our Engineering subject matter experts are experienced in evaluating operational requirements to formulate technical requirement specifications for the required systems and equipment related to ATC, CNS, AGL, and Barriers, including other supporting infrastructure.

Our airfield operations capability covers the following: Airfield inspections, Aircraft Marshalling, and Airfield Sweeper Operations.

Air Traffic Services

Air Traffic Services

The air traffic control system is a vast network of people and equipment that ensures the safe operation of commercial and private aircraft. Air traffic controllers ensure the safe orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic, prevent conflict between aircraft on the manoeuvring  area and in the sky. GANS provides information necessary  for the safe and efficient transit  of the flights, notify appropriate organizations regarding aircraft in need of search and rescue aid and assist such organizations as required.

GANS provides services to many airports and is responsible for over 740,000 annual air traffic movements.

GANS provides a full array of air traffic control services, from Tower and Approach services to the analysis of standards, procedures, and facilities of our clients, to ensure that delegated authorities and operational requirements are being met and that maximum effort is made to ensure the safe, orderly and expeditious services are provided to customers.

Air Traffic Management Consultancy

Air Traffic Management Consultancy

GANS provides air navigation services to private airports looking to grow and governments looking to reduce costs whilst increasing efficiency. We are well positioned to support you based on our extensive experience of providing services at 16 UAE airports and airbases and to customers from 19 different countries.

GANS Consultancy is made up of subject matter experts with a global reputation for delivering excellence and value to Air Traffic Management clients. We help customers find innovative solutions to solve operational and technical challenges across the entire ANS ecosystem, from airspace and procedure design, training solutions, and project and programme management, to safety and quality management consultancy services.

Project Delivery

GANS has significant demonstrable experience in delivering Air Traffic Management (ATM) projects within tight timescales to a high level of quality.  The types of projects vary extensively, from airspace changes, to the implementation of cutting-edge ATC systems, and the transition of new operational functions.  GANS delivers these projects by applying flexible project management methods that are supported by thorough governance and programme oversight.

GANS staff participate in all stages of ATM Systems projects throughout their life-cycle, from inception to delivery. GANS deploys strong project controls to ensure projects are successfully delivered.

Project Management

GANS project management deploys key processes in the following areas:

  • Requirement Management
  • Resource Management
  • Clear Roles and Responsibilities
  • Dependency Management
  • Project Management Plan/Project Charter
  • Project Schedule
  • Change Management
  • Quality Management
  • Project Review Meetings
  • Risk and Opportunity Management
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Transition Management
  • Customer Acceptance and Handover
  • Post Project Review
Aeronautical Information Management Services

Aeronautical Information Management Services

We provide Aeronautical Information Management Services. The purpose of these services is to provide aeronautical information and aeronautical data essential for the safety, regularity, economy, and efficiency of air navigation to the flight crew and operators, relative to the route stages to be flown, in accordance with National Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs) and ICAO Annex 15 specifications on Aeronautical Information Services (AIS).

We provide the following Aeronautical publications:

  • Aeronautical Information Publication and Amendments (AIP AMDTs)
  • Supplements (SUP)
  • Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC)
  • NOTAM & Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB)

Through AIM, we consolidate all data that are is collected and maintained to be classified and organised into the following aeronautical data subjects, properties, and sub-properties:

  • Aerodrome data
  • Airspace data
  • ATS and other route data
  • Instrument flight procedure data
  • Radio navigation aid/system data
  • Obstacle data
  • Geographic data
  • Terrain data
  • Data types
  • Information about national and local regulations, services, and procedures
Airspace and Flight Procedure Design

Airspace and Flight Procedure Design

GANS provides Airspace Design, Instrument Flight Procedure Design and Cartography services for both private and government air navigation clients. This service is in accordance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and National Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs).

A. Airspace and Instrument Flight Procedure Design

The goal of these services is to deliver optimum airspace utilization that meets the increased traffic demands. These services enhance safety, improve efficiency, while providing flexible routing using the latest technologies to satisfy the intended airspace concept.

  • Approach
  • Standard Instrument Departure (SID)
  • Standard Arrival (STAR)
  • ATS Routes (Enroute)
  • Airspace Design and Sectorization

B. Aeronautical Cartography

The purpose of this service is to contribute to the safety, efficiency, and conformity of air navigation. The service provision includes regulated and custom-made aeronautical charts to support airspace design, flight procedure design, and airspace management.

  • Procedural Charts
  • Non-Procedural Charts
  • Minimum Vectoring Altitude Charts
  • Area Grid Maps
  • ATS Route Charts
  • Various other Charts 
Aerodrome and Navaid Safeguarding

Aerodrome and Navaid Safeguarding

Aerodrome and Navigation Aid (Navaid) Safeguarding ensures that necessary measures are taken to ensure the safety of aircraft in the vicinity of the aerodrome, thus protecting the airspace around the aerodrome to ensure the safety of navigation:

  • Aeronautical Studies
  • Safeguarding
  • Aircraft Warning Light Design
  • Critical Area Analysis for Navigational Aids
  • Obstacle Limitation Surfaces Analysis
  • Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data (eTOD – WGS-84) Survey
  • Reflectivity and Land-use compatibility studies

These service is available to both:

  • Airport operators, to ensure external developments do not impact the safe operations of the aerodrome;
  • Developers, to ensure that planned developments on or off the aerodrome will meet the applicable safeguarding requirements.
ATM Training Services

ATM Training Services

GANS provides air traffic management training from its regulatory accredited ATS Training Organisation. Our extensive courses provided reflect our flexible and practical approach to training, utilising state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Our courses can be tailored to suit our clients’ particular needs in terms of both content and duration.

The Training Academy is an ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) Regional Training Centre of Excellence for Air Navigation Training. More than 6,800 students have attended our courses or graduated in different disciplines of Air Traffic Services since our inception.

In addition to core air traffic service disciplines which include simulation, we deliver courses developed specifically for individual Aviation and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) English Language proficiency testing and English language courses. Training courses can be delivered at our Training Academy, at our clients’ premises, or via distance learning.

Meteorological Services

Meteorological Services

GANS Meteorological Department provides services related to weather conditions. Our services include forecasts for weather conditions covering the region, and in accordance with customer requirements. Climate reports for any weather parameters are issued in a suitable format with relevant alarm indicators in climate reports, utilising our four main pivotal resources of people, processes, equipment and tools.

We employ subject matter experts in Meteorology who are qualified, competent, and experienced weather specialists. Our capabilities include numerical weather specialists, forecasters, data analysts, climate specialists, weather engineers, technicians, and software specialists, including a network security engineer who is supported by multiple tools and meteorological systems. All of these resources, along with our robust processes, enable us to deliver Meteorological solutions in accordance with World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards.

Our Meteorological solution also consists of state-of-the-art weather systems located in several geographically-diverse, manned and unmanned automatic locations. These weather systems monitor weather conditions and record related parameters which are processed by highly advanced, high-performance numerical weather prediction supercomputers that run regional models. Our integrated meteorological system ingests data from different global weather system data sources.

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