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Refurbishment of ATC Towers at Three Airports

Refurbishment of ATC Towers at Three Airports, including design, procurement, project management, installation, commissioning, testing, and setting to work of:

  • Upgrade of Radar Display System to provide Approach Control across a large geographical area. The system included EFS and Safety Nets
  • Replacement of obsolete VCCSs
  • Replacement of obsolete Recording Systems
  • Replacement of obsolete Master Clock Systems
  • Expansion of MET Display Systems in Approach facility and Tower Cabs
  • Design, procurement, and installation of new Consoles in Approach facility, Simulator Room, Engineering Watchrooms, Replay Rooms, and Tower Cabs
  • Implementation of fully labeled and documented structured cabling for all ATC Systems within the ATC Towers, including Power, Data, and Fibre-Optic cabling, and installation of associated cable trays and accessories, and civil works
  • Refurbishment of Tower Cabs and Approach facility, including removal of old systems and associated cabling, replacement of false floors, carpet tiling, and replacement of false ceiling with associated cabling

All the above works were carried out by GANS Engineering staff with zero downtime for ATC Operations. Careful planning was required to replace consoles, flooring, ceilings, and ATC systems in a controlled manner to achieve zero disruption to the operations at each location. This was achieved at all three locations. The project resulted in a complete overhaul of the three ATC facilities with state-of-the-art systems and working environments.

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