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Major Airspace Restructure

GANS was instrumental in a major restructure of the entire airspace throughout a Middle Eastern country. This major airspace restructure concluded with the successful, smooth implementation into operational use of a new airspace network and associated procedures.  This airspace change was a large, complex, federal-level project that spanned the entire country, involving all of the Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), the Regulator, the major airlines, and other airspace users, the military, and the airports.

The project introduced new Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) arrival (STAR) and departure (SID) procedures, holds, Instrument Approach Procedures, and Missed Approach Procedures for the airports within the airspace in which GANS provides Air Navigation Services. These new procedures support the growth in capacity of the airports within this airspace by allowing the use of Independent Parallel Operations in the future.  Besides, additional Approach Sectors were introduced into the CTA, enabling a higher number of aircraft to be managed at peak times.

The project involved all departments within GANS and across the ATS units at the airports within the restructured airspace. The final phase of the project alone required 10,000+ hours on the airspace restructure. The validation phase included 3 Real-Time Simulations (two of which were conducted at facilities outside of the concerned country) and a Fast Time Simulation.  ATCO training was conducted for over 2½ months, including e-learning packages for all ATCOs, plus simulator sessions for the Approach controllers to make them conversant with the new procedures prior to operational implementation.

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