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Implementation of Arrival Manager (AMAN)

The Area Control Centre had been using an ATC tool to manage the metered and sequenced delivery of traffic into the adjacent CTA for the previous few years. This project provided the same capability for traffic arriving at the CTA for which GANS provides Air Navigation Services.  When traffic demand warrants it, the Supervisor can activate AMAN with the Area Control Centre and stipulate an Acceptable Arrival Rate (AAR) to be used by AMAN. The AMAN system then provides the En-Route controllers with advisories, such as time to lose/time to gain, so as to meter the flow of traffic into the CTA.

The AMAN system is only configured for specific arrival gates due to operational constraints for traffic arriving from the adjacent FIR.  The provision, therefore, has to be made in determining the AAR so as to allow for traffic also entering the CTA via the unrestricted gates.

AMAN was implemented in 2 phases.  The initial roll-out was purely to make the AMAN data available in the Approach Control Room for information only.  No operational interaction took place with AMAN during this initial phase.  Subsequently, AMAN was introduced for operational use, at which point the Supervisor would advise Area Control Centre of the Acceptable Arrival Rate (AAR) and the En-Route controller would follow the resulting AMAN advisories to deliver a smooth, metered flow of traffic into the CTA.

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