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Flight Data Operator (FDO) and Radar Observer Position (ROP)

Following the relocation of an approach control function to the Air Traffic Control Complex at which GANS provides Air Navigation Services, it was recognised that the reliance upon the Area Control Centre would gradually need to be removed and that the transitional approach control function should be capable of operating independently from the Area Control Centre (SZC). Many of the CNS/ATM capabilities for the migrated approach control function had previously been provided by the ACC, including air-ground frequencies, flight data processing, and radar data processing.

The air-ground frequencies were rerouted, so that they come directly to the Approach Control Romo where GANS provides the service from the receiver/transmitter stations. The reliance on the previous system at the ACC for flight plan entry and for provision of the Air Situation Display at the concerned Tower also needed to be removed.  It was therefore decided to implement Flight Data Operator (FDO) and Radar Observer Position (ROP) capability at the Tower. The OEM was engaged to carry out the required changes, supported by the GANS Air Traffic Engineering department. The FDO and ROP positions were successfully implemented at the Tower location, and this has enabled the removal of the previous system from the ACC, which has now been decommissioned.

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