20 October – International Day Of The Air Traffic Controller

20 October – International Day Of The Air Traffic Controller

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The International Day of the Air Traffic Controller has always been observed annually on October 20th marking not only ”the anniversary of IFATCA” but it also celebrates men and women who work 24/7 and 365 days of the year to help make air travel the safest possible mode of transport.

Air traffic control has developed from the humblest beginnings into a highly sophisticated and technology-dependent occupation.

Unlike the flight crews, ground staff and other personnel involved with aviation, the Air Traffic Controllers work is out-of-the-way making them invisible to the traveling public.

GAL ANS provides Air Traffic Services in the UAE busy airspace. Every day our controllers guide over 1400 planes through 15 Airports and airspace controlled by GAL ANS totalling around 530,000 movements per annum.

Today is a day when we have the opportunity to say thanks and let everyone know that you are with them on every flight, throughout the journey from departure, to cruise and the subsequent arrival phase of flights.

GAL ANS is proud of its highly trained and highly skilled controllers and the excellent service you deliver to our customers. We know and appreciate your day-to-day professionalism, focus and dedication through this high-pressure environment, staying up-to-date with procedures and utilizing the latest technological advances to deliver value to our customers.