Executive Team

Armend Verbovci

Head of Safety & Compliance
Armend Verbovci

Armend has more than 10 years of experience as a dual rated Air Traffic Controller and since 2012 has been engaged in different management roles with overall responsibility for managing ANS Safety and Quality for different aviation organisations.

Armend has recently been promoted to the role of Head of Safety & Compliance of GANS and prior to that has served as a Safety Manager with GANS.

While designing, implementing, and managing effective ANS SMS and QMS solutions, he has also successfully managed the process of initial and continued certification of two different ANSPs in line with the EASA and UAE GCAA legal frameworks.

Armend holds a Diploma in ANSP Management from IATA, a BSc in Management & IT and a Masters in Aviation Safety with Florida Institute of Technology – FL, USA.