What Does GANS Do

GANS Safety Management System (SMS)

GANS Safety Management System (SMS)

GANS specialises in the establishment, management, and continuous improvement of aviation SMS solutions tailored to the size and complexity of various organisations. Safety is at the heart of everything we do at GANS, and our strong safety record is a testament to the robust SMS embedded within our people, procedures, and operational systems.

GANS has assisted clients in the development and enhancement of Safety Management Systems that meet regulatory requirements and are tailored to the size and complexity of different business activities. The GANS SMS can serve as the basis for the development of any client-specific SMS solutions, as it meets regulatory requirements and is developed in alignment with the generic ICAO Safety Management Manual (Doc 9859-AN/474).

GANS employs a team of safety management experts with very broad experience covering all aspects of safety management, and specialises in assisting customers with the establishment of SMS solutions that meet ICAO, EASA, and any other regulatory requirements. This means that we are well placed to support our clients with expert advice and open and honest conversations about risk ownership and management. This results in high safety performance, clear safety governance, reduced risk, and high levels of trust from our clients.

The GANS SMS team of experts works closely with our Training Centre and can design world-class SMS Training Courses that can be delivered both in-house and to external customers.

The SMS services that GANS offers are:

  • Establishment of Safety Policy and Objectives
  • Effective Risk Management
  • Development of Safety Reporting Tools
  • Safety Assurance Management
  • Incident & Accident Investigation
  • Management of Change
  • SMS Auditing
  • SMS Performance Monitoring and Trend Analysis
  • Safety Records Management
  • Safety and Just Culture Training