What Does GANS Do

GANS Risk Management System (RMS)

GANS Risk Management System (RMS)

The GANS RMS is compliant with the ISO 31000 Risk Management standard and ensures a framework is in place for enterprise-wide hazard identification, risk assessment, and mitigation. We also utilise our Risk Management System (RMS) to address risks and opportunities associated with the context in which GANS and our clients operate.

The GANS Risk Management System establishes the principles, frameworks, and processes for managing risk. This system is used to manage both companies, as well as client risks notwithstanding the size, activity or sectors in which our Clients are engaged.

The use of the GANS RMS assists our clients to increase the likelihood of achieving their objectives, improving the identification of opportunities and threats as well as effectively allocating and using resources for risk mitigation.

GANS Risk Governance was recognised for its best practices by the Abu Dhabi Government (Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport) during an audit in December 2020 and was shared with other aviation industry entities within Abu Dhabi.