What Does GANS Do


GANS Engineering Division handles all technical aspects of technology and infrastructure solutions seamlessly at various installations for our customers. GANS also provides technical personnel training certification and additional ad hoc support as required by our customers.

We implement projects for our customers at airports, delivering value based on our in-depth capability, expertise, and knowledge of local and international regulatory requirements.

We are experienced in transitioning equipment into complex air traffic control operations, working closely with equipment suppliers. We are independent and work with a vast number of system suppliers to deliver fit-for-purpose technical solutions. We have extensive experience in delivering new systems from inception to implementation.

Our Engineering Division ensures that all ATC support systems meet the operational requirement, by following engineering procedures that correctly document the processes and actions undertaken. GANS Engineering Department, provides 24/7 CNS monitoring, repairing, and maintenance coverage for all of our operational units. Our primary purpose is to provide a safe and orderly environment for air traffic operations through the application of ICAO SARPs and GCAA Regulatory publications.

Our full-service maintenance programs comprise of corrective and preventative maintenance for the following ATM communications, navigation, surveillance, and support systems:

  • Visual and Instrument Navigational Aids
  • VHF/UHF Communication and Recording Systems
  • Surface Guidance and Control Systems
  • Surface Movement Radars
  • AFTN Communications Network and Systems
  • Automatic Weather Observations Systems
  • ATC Display Systems
  • ATC Voice Communication Control Systems
  • ATC Voice Recording Systems
  • Crash Alarms, Security Equipment
  • UPS and other ancillary equipment within the Towers
  • Aeronautical Ground Lighting
  • Aircraft Arresting Systems (permanent and portable)